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 Total Numbers by Variety
(Open & Youth combined)
successfully exhibited at ARBA Conventions
•  5 Year Period — 2015-2019
•  5 Year Period — 2010-2014
 Future ARBA Convention Netherland Dwarf Judges

The ARBA Standard of Perfection states the following in regard to dropping breeds and varieties from the Standard: 
"There must be at least 25 rabbits in a particular breed or 25 rabbits in a particular variety (if shown by variety) shown at ARBA National Convention Shows (Open and Youth combined) during the 5 year period immediately preceding January 1st of the final year of the existing Standard of Perfection for retention in the next Standard. Count is to exclude animals Disqualified from Competition or Unworthy of Award."

For this purpose, the ANDRC keeps watch on our numbers exhibited by variety. The current period numbers will be updated following future Conventions.

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