American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club

The GEM of the Fancy


2000 North Poplar Street, Hutchinson, KS  67502

The Kansas State Fairgrounds Rabbit Barn has permanent cooping with roughly 1,200 coops. Feeders and water cups are provided with every cage. The cages are stacked two high with extra wide aisles that allow several people to walk through at the same time. All coops are welded wire floors, solid dividers, and drop pans with shavings below the wire. Water is available from several faucets spaced throughout the building


Special cooping will be set aside for sales animals in the Poultry Building attached to the show room. These coops can be reserved when you send in your entries.

The Kansas State Fairgrounds offers free entry and free parking on the grounds. Parking is around the exhibit building for easy access.

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