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Please address ANDRC sweepstakes correspondence to:




For now, the previous September Sweepstakes update has been removed from our website. While exhibitor’s concerns about their points and their standings is appreciated and understood, spending hours per day replying to e-mails expressing concerns relating to information contained in outdated reports is not productive. Especially when the data required to research and respond to the specifics of individual inquiries is not currently in hand. 

We are in the process of working to obtain the club’s sweepstakes records — mail, sanctions, show reports and the actual sweepstakes computer program from Dick's family — while respecting their time to grieve.  

We will be working to complete the 2023 Sweepstakes in the coming months as we track all the sanctions that were issued and ensure all the corresponding show reports are obtained from Show Secretaries and Dick's family. We want to make sure we do this accurately so that ALL exhibitors are awarded the points they deserve. Although it will take time, the club has every intention of posting updates on the website for the 2023 Sweepstakes — when available.

Additionally, steps are being taken to ensure an accurate 2024 Sweepstakes year. 

As we move forward, please be mindful of the scope of our Netherland Dwarf Sweepstakes. Statistics from our most recent fully completed Sweepstakes year  — 2022 — were:

     64  # of contests tracked 

   405  # of open exhibitors competing

   197  # of youth exhibitors competing

   827  # of open rabbits winning BOB and/or BOS

   417  # of youth rabbits winning BOB and/or BOS

1,635  # of sanctions received & issued

1,635  # of show reports received & entered

Our club was blessed to have had Dick Gehr as our Sanctions and Sweepstakes Chair for the past 16+ years. Dick was an absolute workhorse, a stickler for accuracy and a kind, caring, compassionate person. We miss him dearly and will do our best to honor and carry-on his legacy.




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