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Notes -&- Reminders

February 26, 2015
2014 Show Reports Not Yet Received @ 2.25.2015

Our Sweepstakes Chairperson has been hard at work
finishing the 2014 ANDRC Sweepstakes standings.
Below you will find a link to the file listing those
2014 Show Reports that have not yet been received
as of February 25, 2015.

Since not all *sent* e-mails arrive at their destination,
IF you exhibited at any of the listed shows, please
contact the show secretary and politely request that
the show report be re-sent to Dick Gehr.

March 1, 2015 is the cut-off date for
2014 Show Reports to be received and included.   

Should you have any additional questions,
please contact Dick Gehr directly.

Thank you for your assistance!



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